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Sabio Cm404 Nas Box


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I'm trying to get this NAS box connected to the domain, but having a bit of an issue. The info here:


Says to enter in AD ID, KDC Address, etc. but on my settings I have options to enter:

AD Host.Domain name domain.local

AD KDC Address

AD ID Administrator

AD Password password

Above are examples to how I entered in the information. I keep getting an AD ID/password error. On the options when set to join a domain the default option listed for AD ID was "administrator".

Am I missing something? Support for Sabio products seems very hard to find other then the website.

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If you are entering the correct domain settings than it should work.

Couple of things, for troubleshooting:

1) Make sure the domain administrator account has a password set and when entering it its correct.

2) Are you able to join a virtual machine to your domain without any issues.

3) Can you ping you NAS box at all?

4) Can you access shared drives in your NAS Box from a computer on the network?

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Where you able to get sabio cm404 connected? Does it work with encrypted wi-fi network.

What is your opinion about this product?

I am thinking of purchasing cm404, since it the only one that I can find with wireless connectivity, but I cannot find any reviews about it.

On sabio website, firmware for cm404 dates back to 2009, since then there is no update.

So I would like your thought about this product.

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@ circuit,

No I never did get it joined to the domain. I'm sure it works with encrypted wifi I don't see why it wouldn't. I had mine hard wired. My opinion on the product is this is a nice NAS for linux guru's. The web gui configuration is in a linux friendly format if that makes since. It lacked a few options that I thought it should of had. Support for the product is hard to find. After buying the product and trying to get it to setup like I wanted, it really would have been better to build a FreeNAS box or go with another alternative. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give it about a 5.

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