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Wifi Penetration Testing Setup


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Hi all,

i was just wondering if anyone could give some advice on setting up a wifi penetration setup,

i have a 8gb acer aspire one,

and ALFA AWUS036H atm,

and fon v2 in the post(delivered tomorrow i hope)

i have got linux mint running on on my acer atm, and have tryed dual-booting with a 16gb sd card, but it didnt want to work, also cant install bt4, or blackbuntu on the hard drive because it is to small.

i wanted a setup like darrens in ep 5x18 and wanted to put together a check list of what i need, and need to setup, eg. programs, to be able to start testing.

any help would be much appreciated.


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1) Why don't use virtualbox or vmware to set a virtual VM where you can install backtrack on it.

2) Make sure to set the interface on your VM to bridge mode, so it can get an IP address from your DHCP server, as well as be able to see other computers on the network.

3) Rather then exploiting your real machines on the network, create some virtual machines and then target them with Backtrack.

That's how I set up my pen-testing lab...

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