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Best Wireless Adapter For Back Track?


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Currently Using


Mainly because everything works out of the box, and it even comes with an install disc for Back Track.

Also is pretty cheap compared to some of the Alfa's that other people recommend.

Anyway, what do you guys use?


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Ive got an old Linksys WUSB54GC that I use on my desktop with the Enhanced RT73 drivers, not the RT73USB one that ships with backtrack. Then on my newer laptop, it has an Atheros chipset with ABG, and N, and works with bt out of the box. On my older laptop, it has a broadcom that works well with bt2 and 3, but a little funky in bt4r2 for some reason. Not sure if they don't use the same drivers or what they had in slax, but in bt2 and 3 spoonwep works a treat on it, but not so much with bt4. Although, spoonwep doesn't seem to work too well even with my atheros via bt4.

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This is the Alfa I am getting, Alfa Network AWUS036H 1000mW 5dBi USB Adapter. It only does, B and G network I'm also getting a second one that does N network. I will be using both one for packet monitoring and the other for packet injection.

Anyway, Darren uses this adapter for his wireless pen-testings.

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With BT5 the Alfa 36h, 51nh, 36nh all work out of box. The 50nh is still kinda wonky. If you don't need N access the 36h with the 1000mw is the best. Haven't had a chance to test the newer 36nha adapter. If anyone has tested it pls let me know your results.

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