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.raw File To Open.


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I have a .RAW file and i cannot seem to open it.

I need a piece of freeware software to open it.

Anyone had this problem or can help point me in the right direction.


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.raw files usually mean that they haven't been processed and just contains the data received from a device, these days it is most commonly related to high spec digital cameras.

If it is a RAW image file try dcraw.

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If you are shooting photos in RAW mode, the camera should have been supplied with a CD, containing the software. If that's not that case, Photoshop would be a good software to open RAW files.

Alternatively you can download this free utility from Microsoft.


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What kind of file is it though, do you know? Is it picture data, audio, video, some other format? Not all RAW files are pictures.

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RAW = Raw data... could be anything...

But we can make some educated guesses as to what it might be. I haven't seen raw audio files since I moved from my Amiga to using a PC. So that is unlikely.

Video footage in a raw form would take up masses of disk space, so again that would seem unlikely.

Images on high spec cameras (or lower spec cameras using lovely open source firmware) are quite often set to save images in a their raw format. Which suggests that his .raw file is probably an image.

Of course this doesn't mean that it is an image file, but it is a good guess as to what the file could contain.

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