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Any Decent Fps Games Released Lately?


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Hey guys any recommendations for a decent fps?

tried crysis 2 = absolute console ported rubbish.

tried operation flashpoint red river = absolute console port rubbish.

y know it's times like these im glad that i didn't buy these games outright, complete rip offs.

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For me, its Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Multi-player mode), Medal Of Honor, and Sniper Ghost Warrior (Story Mode is more fun than its Multi-player, one thing it lacks). Those are my fav games at the moment. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is still fun, but don't really care for the franchise that much. Battlefield is a bit harder and more realistic for me. Can't wait till Battlefield 3 comes out though, looks awesome. Check out the demo - http://www.ea.com/battlefield3/blog/bf3-12-minutes-of-gameplay

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Well, I would second Psychosis' recommendation for Portal 2. It's really awesome, and if you've played Portal (1), you have to have a bit of patience through the first levels, because you're thinking : man, this is Portal (1), it's kinda boring; but the game picks up really well after that. I guess they made that to make it reasonable for people that haven't yet played Portal (1).

You could try to replay some older FPS games, for the fun and melancholy of it. Or you could try some older FPS games you missed. I found that I missed several cool FPS-es like Clive Barker's Undying, or Counter Strike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes, which is a twist to CS, with single player missions.

I guess, me personally I have to catch up with a lot of FPSes, since I usually keep my personal computers for coding, email, and other stuff; not so much for gaming yet.

Still, here's a view on playing older games : http://xkcd.com/606/

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Far Cry 1 and 2 just went on sale, combo pack for $7.50 on Steam.

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Myself have been playing alot of Hidden: Source (Hl2 Mod were a group of soldiers hunt a nearly invisible guy with a knife who runs fast and jumps high)

Sanctum just added a 4 player co-op which me and my buddies love(Tower Defense / FPS)

I know its not new but i still enjoy a bit of Return To Castle Wolfenstein every once in a while.

Also I agree with people above about Bad Company 2. (My soldier name is Mochoalatte if anyone wants to add me :D )

Anyone wants to play with me on steam, names Mochoalatte hit me up bro's.

Hope I Helped


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