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Windows Server 2008 Network Share

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Okay.. I have this problem.I am on windows server 2008 which kinda sucks but it is needed for something. i am share multiple locations on it and over time certain shares become extremely slow. I even switched it to SMBv1.0 and it did nothing. We can reboot the server and everything speeds up again but after time it slows down. Any help will be appreciated.

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Check if there is a hotfix, for the problem.

Edit: Also try disabling "Remote Differential Decompression" that has a tendency of slowing file transfers sometimes. This only works in Windows Vista or 7.

The article that, digip suggested has some registry tweaks you can try, to boost file transfer performance in XP. In the past, I had a lot of issues with XP, so I decided to ditch in favor of Win 7.

Besides tweaking the registry, you could also try enabling jumbo frame support on your network. A few things to be aware of tough are, your NIC and switch much support jumbo frame, in order for this to work.

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Is this a 100% windows shop, or are there any Linux boxes using the shares as well? Try updating samba clients on the Linux boxes if they also access shares on the network. I recall that being an issue with Linux boxes accessing windows shares.

I was reading that people with XP and 7 boxes in there networks had no issues with their 7 machines, while there XP machines would connect slower to the shares from a Server 2008 farm. If these are Windows XP clients I think there is an update for the file sharing issues and key .sys files to be replaced to use the v2.0 settings. Here is a thread I found from 2010 that addresses similar issues, but for more than 16,000 files on a single share - http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/winservergen/thread/bf182412-6f8e-4922-bed1-5b31abd5814a/ Some of the suggestions were file updates and reg tweaks for XP machines.

Even switching back to SMB v1.0 won't help if some of the clients are Vista and 7 or even other server 2008 machines since they use v2.0 be default, this might be an issue. They would probably take a performance hit in SMBv1.0. If some of the clients are updated and others aren't, this could be causing the issues since its trying to feed files to both protocols. Just my theory though.

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I had a similar problem when using ESET on Server 2003x64.

You need to make sure that AV isn't scanning the NTFRS folders and the SYSVOL etc.

Thats a good point. I imagine anything that either indexes or monitors/scans the files could cause a performance hit.

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He could add an exception to the antivirus, and see if that's really causing the issue.

Also Microsoft made a hotfix available to correct the problem


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