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I have been using nokia phone and iPod touch 2g. Now my iPod touches screen looks like bad TV broadcast and like an really old non lcd monitor, grey stripes moving around screen. I upgraded ios and checked screens cable. It made a it a bit better, but it seems that my iPod touch is totally broken.

So to the question.

I have dreamed a long time for android phone. Finally I have money needed to purchase one. Now its just a question, which one to buy.

I want to have dual core processor in it, so it limits available products a lot.

I have been looking at LG Optimus 2X and Samsung Galaxy S II (i9100). Optimus 2x is already available in Finland and Galaxy s2 is probably arriving in may.

Price is no the problem. Both seems to have same specs, optimus 2x shooting 1080p 24fps and Galaxy s2 shooting 1080 30fps. That's the biggest difference as well optimus comes with android 2.2 upgrade should be soon available to 2.3 and galaxy comes with 2.3.

Now Im facing a problem, whether to buy optimus 2x soon (not next week, Im at vacation) but then, or wait to may or later and then get galaxy s2.

Any touches thoughts comments. Is there a better one coming ou?t

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