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Cybercrime treaty


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So the americans can arrest me as well as the british? Better read up on some more laws then. Kinda feels like another attempt by the US gov to exert control over the world, while it can send in its armed forces to anywhere to free its own citizens from jails in foriegn lands.

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As far as I've read it, it's just a treaty that strengthens ties between law enforcement agencies for a mutually beneficial aim-fighting crime. Also, it mentions that the U.S will be joining a batch of countries that already operate under this treaty. So it's not like they created it and are forcing other countries to co-operate and join this treaty, rather they're joining an already existing pool of shared resources that they believe will help them in finding and prosecuting people. Which seems perfectly logical to me.

With regards to differentiation in legislation between different countries:

"This treaty provides important tools in the battles against terrorism, attacks on computer networks, and the sexual exploitation of children over the Internet, by strengthening U.S. cooperation with foreign countries in obtaining electronic evidence,"

So it'd tackle issues related to crimes that I envisage would be illegal in all participating countries.

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