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Try OpenVPN, its very easy and safe to use.

There are lots of documentation on the website.


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OpenVPN works lovely in conjunction with ClearOS

documentation: http://www.clearcenter.com/support/documentation/clearos_enterprise_5.1/user_guide/pptp_vpn

download: http://www.clearfoundation.com/Software/downloads

This runs best on dedi hardware, mine is running on an atom D510 2GB and 30GB SSD, however it takes next to nothing to run it.

You can install on a Virtual box and run it from there as well.

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Once OpenVPN is installed, all the end user needs to do is visit the OpenVPN URL, the url where the openvpn service is running on, download the client software and enter the user's credentials.

And bingo you are in business. It only took me 5 or maybe 10 minutes to get it up and running.

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