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Pineapple V2 Help

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I know this has been an issue for many, and also for me. I have tried everything, but, cannot seem to get those connected to the Pineapple internet access. I am using a Windows 7 based laptop as follows;

Windows 7 Laptop

Connected to Internet via WiFi (Sometimes tethered Mobile device)

All IPs are dynamic, so being assigned by my Wireless Netgear Router in the 192.168.x.x range

Connection shared with Ethernet connection, where Pineapple is plugged into

Ethernet Setup - Where Pineapple is plugged into (Not the Pineapple itself)

(In Windows adapter list, shows LAN (Pineapple) as having Internet Access and I can get to the internet via XWRT directly from the Pineapple, so I know it can get there, just not as an Access Point





Pineapple XWRT - Network Setup

Static IP, Bridged




DNS: and

Can anyone see what is wrong here? Again, from the main XWRT screen, I can check for an update and it definitely goes out to the internet from the Pineapple. But, from my Mac, if I connect to the Pineapple ESSID, and try to surf, I get nothing/time out.

I greatly appreciate your help, as this is bugging the crap out of me. I'm sure it's something simple.


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