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Hak5 Challenge Hardware Query


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Hi All,

I've been wanting to ask this question, on the very first day the Hak5 Challenge started. And even sent Darren an email and till now have not received a response.

Perhaps someone here in the forums may have the answer. Anyway, I know that for the Hak5 Challenge Darren bought x2 Asus mini-atx motherboard and installed Proxmox-VE as the virtualization platform.

Now for the network side of things, did Darren use any kind of load balancer or an industrial modem to provide quick upload speeds, throughout the Hak5 challenge.

The reason I ask, is I myself run several virtual servers and I get an average of 100 to 150 KBps of upload speeds. So how did Darren overcome this problem. I am assuming he must have a very fast upload line.

Not sure what I can do, to improve my upload speeds?

I am open for any suggestion or options.

Thank you very much.

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He actually has a few subscriber lines going to the garage if I'm not mistaken. Also i think they all run through an Untangle box which has a load balancing addon for a yearly fee.

Umm, say if I was to download a file from one of his virtual machines, would that file be fragmented across the subscriber lines or will it only travel down one subscriber line and then to my computer?

I am just trying to figure out if a load balancer would work in this scenario.

Thank you again.

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