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How To Use Metasploit On Non Lan Machines?


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Ive been able to use backtrack for wep cracking for a few years but I recently decided to try and learn more and really try and dig in. Thanks to g0tm1lk's blog and hak5 I have come a long way and can now exploit local vms and gain access to them using client side browser attacks(however using armitage). My next step is to learn metasploit command line so I actually understand what is happening behind armitage's GUI, but my question here pertains to being able to use metasploit remotely on hosts who arent on the local network.

I have a free no ip account and can forward directly to my ip so I figured if I forwarded my ports correctly I could link a friend (knowingly for testing) to my noip host and to my metaploit server. (I could be wrong but please let me know) and this should also give me their ip through console when they connect to the webpage.

Am I on the right track here? and what are some other ways I could use metsploit remotely, so far I have only attempted simple client side attacks from the armitage howtos etc.

Go easy on me for being a n00b, plz and thx

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