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A Little Bit Of Hak5 Technolust ...


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where did you buy that display from?

I want to do a project with one of these displays.

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hehe its a secret :P

lol ... i got it from ebay ... if you search for 'arduino matrix' ... it was bundled with an arduino & components

the writing on the back of the display is EL1602A

as soon as i'd installed the drivers this is the first thing i did with the board :)

have been trying to find a good tutorial showing how to go through each one of the mother boards sensors ... but no joy yet

last night i started a little VB project to spit some stats over serial :) ... its worked pretty well

having fun any way :) and learning lots ;)

the arduino is the Deumilanove

and yes its all wired via a mini bread board (desperately need a bigger one tho)

one more thing too i had to solder the header on myself ... and considering i couldnt solder last week i think i've made a pretty sweet job of it hehe

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Thats cool! You should email it to us so we can put it in our line up: feedback@hak5.org

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Hey Trip, Did you use a guide/tutorial or something to get this working. I feel like using my Arduino and LCD that I bought months ago and now have a inch of dust on them.

yeah i followed the one on www.arduino.cc :)

had to solder the header on

followed the diagram on to a proto board

and did a little vb prog to stream info

if you want source etc i don't mind sharing :)

lcd.setCursor(column,row) // is handy lets you set input position took me a while to figure that out

lcd.setCursor(0,0) // line 1

lcd.setCursor(0,1) // line 2 ;)

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I can't even get my sketch to upload to my uno, from all the google searching and no solution. I think it's defective :(

Got my arduino working, not I can't my damn pot working, which was working before. >:( technology hates me.

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