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Vpn Geo-localization


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Hi all.

I've looked high and low on the internet for an answer and either something funky is going on in my account or I missed a class at VPN night school.

So I'm in O! Canada, and here our gestapoesque CRTC (FCC equivalent) doesn't like DRM-free music download, meaning we don't have access to Amazon MP3 store. Long story short I got a US based Credit Card, a US address in NY, and it still won't let me buy anything saying I'm outside the US. So I figured "IP localizing", and I took the Proxy route. No dice, and besides they have their own downloader app and all. So looking online still I saw one or two posts about VPN. Figured I'd give it a shot. Got Hotspot Shield for Mac, works like a charm and my IP is registered somewhere near L.A.

Still, they won't let me download squat! But how the hell does the dowloader app, or the website for that matter, know I'm behind a VPN and not in the US??? I've cleared all cookies, logged out, back in, changed browsers, everything I could think about and still nothing.

Anyone has had success with getting MP3s from Az outside the US? Or, at least, what did I miss here about VPN that would leak my real location??



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Are you allowed to install software your VPN server at all?

I also have a feeling that the Amazon MP3 downloader, is doing a lookup on your ip address to determine its geographical location.

Secondly, is there any proxy settings in the Amazon MP3 downloader that you can set manually.

Edit: Another thing you could do, is without using your VPS head over to ipchicken.com and write down your IP address.

Once you have done that, connect to your VPS Server and head over to ipchicken.com again, to determine if the IP address is still the same.

If the ip address is still the same then, there could be something wrong with the way you configured things.

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Thanks for answering Infiltrator,

I actually did the ipchicken thing, as well as whatsmyip.org to make sure and that's where it gets funky: it really shows an IP in the US, not Canada. So technically if they would check via IP they should think I'm in the US, but that's why I don't understand what's going on.

Now, forgive my knowledge of - or lack thereof - VPN-fu, but I don't have a server myself. I'm using Hotspot Shield, which is according to my research widely used and liked; this is supposed to tunnel me to a off-site VPN server, which by all accounts does. Like I said, I checked my IP before and after, and no doubt I'm "in the USA" when I'm tunneling. And if the Amazon MP3 Downloader app runs on my machine, it should also be seen as broacasting from that IP, right?

Like I said me=poor knowledge of VPN.

Any info is good info at this point. Thanks!!


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