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P&P Keyboard Problems

RDR Dreg

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Hi all of those and hak 5, I Love the show.

My problem is this, I have a plug and play keyboard that obviousley dose not need installing. It worked fine for me for at least 6 months. But now when I log onto windows it has a popup saying I need to install it and it then stays as an icon in my taskbar that keeps on poping up.

When I am playing the good old BF2 the keyboard will randomley stop working. I then have to unplug it and then plug it back in. But then my game minimises and the install keyboard screen pop's up again.

Is there a way to stop it trying to install or make it reconise that it dosent need installing?

Sorry if my spelling is bad :roll:

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Hmmmm... that is odd, not spilt anything on it or bashed it about in the heat of a firefight?

I'd try going to the device manager and seeing if you can remove the current drivers manually (might need an old PS2 keyboard whilst doing this), then letting windows find it again at the next reboot. Should sort it out. Also, don't use the keyboard's USB socket for the moment.

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