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The Best Linux Distro


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Here is a question..

I want everyones opinion of what is there fav distro....

I know mine ...

Lets see what hak5 community likes !

Dont say Windows, because it fails, and has done since windows 1 (



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I will say it. WINDOWS! Use whatever gets the job done, and whatever you like. Personally, I like Windows 7 and I just run most Linux distros in a VM inside windows. I have BT4R2 installed natively on my laptop dual booting Windows 7 and BT, but seriously, all OS's fail to some degree, including Apple OSX, but they all have their strengths as well. The flame war of what OS is better is silly, old, and tired, and we already have threads like this one that discuss the same thing.

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At work it is Red Hat, their Red Hat Network web interface that lets you keep track of which of your servers hasn't updated yet is great.

At home I use Debian, mainly because that is the one I have used for over 10 years. I have tried others at times but always end up coming back to Debian.

Personally I don't think that there is any Linux distro that is the best just ones that you know the best. If it doesn't have the software/driver that you want then you can always compile it yourself from the source.

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on the server side Linux has no rival; my fav is Debian;

Linux hasn't yet conquered the desktop; that's where I say Windows XP/7 still rule; I don't know about Apple's Mac OS X; might be a very good candidate

coming back to Linux, Linux has mastered servers, and super-computers; in the top500.org listing of super computers, 90% are Linux based;

Linux has mastered embedded devices, phones (Android currently owns the major market share), even though user experience is still not quite as good as Apple's yet;

Linux's kernel is indeed the most advanced piece of software ever written; it's the user experience that's still not quite there

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