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Virtualization For Pentest Fun Server


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I'm going to try to build a server for virtual machines using Win XP sp1 this summer. I am wanting to get maybe 4 possibly 5 running at the same time. My final goal is to have it where my friends (who are not tech savvy) and i can jump on and play a game of ctf or something. I want to know what you think the bare minimum i would need for this would be. I am using AMD for cost efficiency. Should I use virtual box, or proxmox? would RDP work for what i'm wanting?

Here's the list of what i was thinking.

1. AMD motherboard

2. ~3.3 AMD processor quad core maybe another if i have to

3. ~12 gigs of ram

4. Wall mount, or cardboard case mod for now. because i have $7 in my bank account.

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