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Linux Audio Issues


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Hey all, last week I thought that maybe I could get a Realtek audio management program for Linux like the one they distribute for Windows. I went to their site, saw a Linux driver, and thought there might be one in the package. So, I downloaded it and ran the install file as instructed. However, my audio quit working and hasn't worked since. I think there were some errors in compiling the code or something.

I've tried reinstalling alsa from my package manager as well as from source, but when I go to the sound configuration I don't see any hardware listed. Does anyone know how I should go about fixing this? I really don't want to reinstall Ubuntu, but I will if there is no other way.

Any help would be appreciated.

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What distribution of Linux are you using?

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Read through this thread and see if that helps.


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Thank you, that was what I needed. There is just so much stuff out on the web it is hard to sort through and find what you actually need.

That's very true, the information on the internet can be overwhelming and hard to find sometimes.

That's why forums can be so helpful at times.

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