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There was actualy a thread made advertising a show that showed you how to do this. Although be causes with there way, realy you need to defragment your partion so every thing is right at the start of the partion to recude the chance of data loss to a minimum. I have only ever resized a NTFS partion with gparted once. It took 6 or 7 defragments (and the deletion of some huge files) befor every thing was at the begining of the partion. When we booted windows after the succesfull install it was bitching about errors on the disk, since I knew I had actualy majorly aultered the disk layout, so I thought it best to let it sit there and run it's disk check thing.

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Deagoba makes a good point. Knoppix, being a live cd is not intended for (though it is possible) hard drive installation. If you like Knoppix you should consider installing Debian or one of its many derivatives.

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