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Problem While Starting My Hp Pavilion


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I'm an new member from germany (yeah!).

I got problems while the boot process of my HP Pavilion of my girlfriend.

Sometimes (i'm wondering) the screen keeps black while its starting Windows Vista.

Tonight i will update the BIOS. What do think?

Perhaps it would be the solution.

Thanks for any advice! Please help.



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So when you start that laptop, do you see BIOS, or just black screen with black light.

If there is nothing on that screen, I would say that problem is in motherboard or in graphical card, which is likely to be integrated on motherboard.

When that screen is black, can you somehow notice that Vista is really starting.

If so try connecting it to external monitor. And/Or pressing [Fn] + [F1-12] key to set screen output correctly.

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Hello Brainstormer,

I would try a linux live cd first to see if it is a problem with the windows OS software first or maybe a hardware problem. If it does the same thing with the linux live cd then most likely you can narrow it down to being a hardware problem. If BIO's is showing and it worked previous it is most likely not a BIOS problem, but maybe a video card driver problem, or video card or other hardware problem like said above.

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Does this happen as soon as you turn it on, or do you get this after trying to logon to Winodws? If you get to sign on to Windows, do you get just a cursor, but no desktop or icons after signing on? If this happens as soon as you boot and you never get a POST beep or errors on the screen, could be the BIOS, or it may be trying to send the display to the external monitor port, in which case you can check the Fn key combo to try switching displays. The other option is to hook up a monitor to the VGA port, and see if the display shows up there upon this happening. If so, it might not be seeing the laptop screen hardware or isn't responding properly(possibly loose cable), or the screen is just faulty and might be ready to burn out.

My wifes HP laptop does this from time to time, giving a totally blank screen after the windows startup finishes and you sign on, but not directly on boot, only after Windows is starting and she tries to sign in. With hers, CTRL+ALT+DEl doesn't even bring up the task manager so you can't even start explorer.exe in the event that it crashed, it just shows the cursor with a black background but the desktop never starts. What we did , was start in safe mode, disable all non essential programs from startup in the registry and in services.msc (No 3rd party firewall, anti-virus, internet programs, media players, instant messengers etc, so just default windows on boot), then reboot the system. This seemed to fix it for us, and we now start everything we need manually, such as the Firewall/Anti-virus software, etc.

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Umm, read in other forums that it could be a problem with Dual display setup, so if you have two screen at the same time, try disconnecting one to see if that works.

If that works, update the graphic drivers as soon as it works.

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