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Jasager General Questions

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Hello Everyone !

I'm planning to buy a new Jasager from the hak5 store.

From all the videos and info I've gathered,

I have only seen internet being broadcasted through the Ethernet port on the Fon using a Mobile Phone

Just wanted to know is it possible to use a wireless hotspot instead.

So basically I just want to use some public wireless network instead of using a Wired Connection.

And also does the Jasager scan all channels in 2.4GHz frequency ?


Cheers :)

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You can set the Fon up to use its wifi for both AP and client mode but it is highly unrecommended as it means that the wifi is shared and so has to spend most of its time switching modes and channels rather than doing its job as an AP.

Jasager doesn't do any scanning, you put it on a port and it sits there, the clients probe around and listen to the different frequencies so come to it.

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