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You Favorite Music?


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everything really, I just let pandora go on whatever sounds good and when that is all saved onto the computer i just shuffle through it, and alot of skips. really it is everything, like from rock to techno to just hiphop, some rap. everything, normally not classical unless i am writing a paper.

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Electronic Dance Music (EDM); also called techno by some people. More specifically I like gabber, hardcore, jungle, drum & bass, hardstyle, electro, and fidget :] I actually like most EDM, those are just my favorites.

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I could enjoy any kind of music, but I like more heavy metal.

scar symmetry

Noctornal Rites

Avenged SevenFolds

Sonyc Syndicate



And a lot more

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Mostly Classic Rock, and a lot of other things.

I've have recently had, however, a peculiar liking towards the Tron soundtrack.

I was thoroughly dissapointed with the Tron movie. It sucked imo, cool idea but the content lacked, the beginning was cool where he sneaked in and hacked his own company then parachuted off the building but after that, when in Tron mode it got boring. I never really played that video game eaither so maybe that is partly why I thought it sucked.

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Because Daft Punk is great :D

Never heard of them, but did a quick youtube search and am a fan now lol, good stuff

Encase error occurs


without the one at the end

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