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Nitrogen Gas Phase Change Mod


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A while back in the late 90's I was experimenting with water cooling, milling my own water block and using Peltier devices to cool. After that I was hooked and wanted to get more extreme. In 2002 Phase change was expensive but was the best way to achieve cold temps. The drawback being condensation on the motherboard, one day after playing paintball I started thinking about the dynamics of paintballing. It was widely understood that Nitrogen gas used in paintball was better as it contained better properties. A more refined gas with less impurities. I started thinking about also the low moister part per million with particular grades of nitrogen.

After thinking about it I started to juggle the idea that without moister to condense perhaps a much colder temperature could be achieved without risk. So I started planning and building.

This is the end result, my temps varied with loads and it took some tweaking to get the right gas flow. But I was impressed that I could maintain below 12celcus with a load, and below 0 CPU temp without.

As a bonus the whole rig was dust free and required very little maintenance, just the odd blast of Nitrogen gas to use positive pressure to displace the regular room air that may have leaked in.

I ran the system for about 3 years but when I moved to a smaller place I choose not to bring it. But the concept works and as far as extreme it was as far as I could get. Although I still have some ideas I'd love to flush out into working models.

This is just a share maybe spark an idea.




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Nice! looks like an old bass drum was used for the housing?

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Hey Digip it's a Acrylic Cylinder about 16 inches in Diameter and about 16-18 inches in length its from the oil industry. The biggest challenge was getting the evaporator the right size, to handle the load.

I'll dig around see if I can't find any other pictures.

I'm currently working on an idea that uses low pressure to cool water, but I'm struggling to find people who know a lot about the Isothermal dynamics of water and other fluids in a low atmosphere environment. If my concept is correct it could be a low tech solution to cooling large scale lasers or server farms. From the people I've talked to so far I don't believe anyone has tried this and until someone says "it won't work" I'm gonna see how far I can get with the Idea.

I found some more photo's.



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