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Php Programmers?


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This project was never really published, but was part of one of my universities subjects, I did back several years ago. It basically involved building a CMS for a hotel resort website that, at the time it only had static webpages and the hotel management wanted a way to alter the contents and layout of the website from an easy to administer web-based interface.

So I basically build the content management system, from scratch using PHP, CSS, HTML and MySQL for storing the website contents. That's pretty much what the whole project was about.

I will try to locate the files and have them uploaded to my webserver, so I can then show it off to you guys.

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I'm a PHP coder. I have made many websites, and even make PHP / Web Dev tutorials on my YouTube channel.

My main website is http://www.nickfrosty.com - My main personal website. I am actually remaking this entire site. I hope it will be done by the end of the weekend.

Another I own is http://www.subblaster.com - It helps people get YouTube subscribers

And another is http://www.shrtr.me - It's a URL shortener using JavaScript, jQuery library, and PHP for the back end server interactions

I have quite a few others that I am working on but are far from production quality.

Let me know what you think :)

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my last project was for BPA (Business Professionals Of America)

they gave me and my team well teammate it was just 2 of us working they gave you a list of functions the site needed search login etc.. and a theme this year was to build a social networking site we made one for college students to share and download each others notes for class incase you where sick or missed class for some reason we had a list of 5 states and about 25 school total we dident place but i tired to keep up devlopment for it but i feel off coding it and all the source ended up getting lost might try to recode it all again not sure

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I'm coding for fun on Open Game Panel ; I wish I could find more time for it, but I like the idea of their project. It's basically a panel for controlling dedicated servers. It started out as Half-Life Dedicated Server Start (HLDS Start) and then a lot of game configs were added for mods and other games/apps. Still needs a lot of work to reach a level I'd call mature, but whenever I feel like coding PHP, I work on some minor refactoring.

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