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Apple And Others - Why Do They Make You Activate Devices


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I find it odd that Apple make you activate an iPhone before you can use it. I know that this is common for other smartphone manufacturers and I believe for other Apple devices (ie. iPod).

Why do companies make you give them your name and details before they let you use YOUR device.

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When I bought my phone, they did all that at the store and it was on when they handed it to me, nothing for me to activate on my end, it was already done at the store.

My thinking behind it though, is because if it gets stolen, you need to be able to properly identify yourself with the details they have on file tied to the device you activated, so if you need them to turn it off, remote wipe, or track it, you can prove who you are for their assistance. Otherwise, I could call them up and say I'm you, and say it was stolen and have your phone remotely wiped or shutdown without properly identifying myself to the rep on the other end.

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When I got my phone (Nokia 6300) I don't remember having to activate it, but I did have to activate my SIM.

I'm guessing that you don't (often ?) buy phones outright in the US? I'm pretty sure I could walk into an Apple Store here and buy an iPhone without activating it...

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