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TONS of spare crap... Any ideas what I should do?


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Alright, early today I rushed off to a Garage Sale to pick-up a Radeon 9800 for 15$ :shock: I got the card, but the person selling the stuff was an ecenctric 85 year old computer geek. I ended coming home with a Wal-Mart bag full of Molex's and a shit load of other cables. 15 1-5GB HDDs. 8 tiny speakers. 3 heatsinks. 3 80mm case fans, and 2 92mm fans. 4 old motherboards. (I'll look at those for specs and such later) And a ton of shit that was before my time. (SCSI HDDs? Sure their 10,000rpm but I don't want them)

So, does anyone know of any cool mods I can do with them, Rather than just giving them away?

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I wished that people like that lived near me! :-)
Haha, just before I was going out to buy some stuff. I decided to pst on my hometown's Freecycle page asking for semi-junker computers for Linux.

The bulk of the stuff was from some 30-something year old who was amazed I liked using Linux.

He even had a shirt that had Tux on it.

The other stuff I got today from an ecentric 80year-old guy. When I asked what his name was he said, "Uhh..... Shoot! I know more about computers and the command line then about myself". I just laughed, he had an amazing work area though.

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