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Raid 0 Big Problem


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Hi guys i have a big issue i had a windows box setup on a 3 disk hardware raid0 array. I also had an external usb hard drive i stored all my family photos and important docs on. well at on point i back all of this up onto the raid array ... fast forward the radi box was dismantled for parts and the three drives got put into a stack of about 10 other drives. no biggie until my usb drive was stolen, so now the only way to get my backup back is to re set up the raid only problem is i dont know what drives they are. how can i go about finding out if a disk was a raid disk or not none of the other drives were so only the 3 i need r raid. is there a way to access the drives raw and figure it out. are there any programs i can use i run win7 and ubuntu 10.10 please help this is all the photos of my childrens childhood, plus a year worth of photos of me in iraq. any sugestions would b great

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This can be done but I would not call it an easy task.

Finding the first disk should be relatively easy however. Plug the drives in, open the drives in fdisk and look for a drive that has the correct partition size (and/or lable) for the RAID. So, sweat beans, we found the first disk (The partition size will be bigger than the disk size, just as an easy sanity check).

Finding the second and third disk (and, there ordering) is not easy. You need to look at the data on the drives (with some thing like WinHex, but the free version of WinHex won't let you open the drives directly, you can, however, take an image of a part of the disk and open the image in WinHex) and try and spot the flow of data from one drive to the next and spot the correct ordering of the data.

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