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Accessing A Laser Printer's/mfp's Hard Drive


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I work with a small business in IT and we are a Windows "shop". We have a number of network printers and I access the web server that each contains for configuration information, the state of the toner cartridges etc. I know that the printers have RAM and a hard drive. Does anyone know how easy it would be to mount the hard drive remotely and access the stored print jobs, scans etc.? I suspect that the printers/MFPs run a version of Linux which may be bespoke. I know that I could take a screwdriver to the hardware to pull out the hard drive but it would be more elegant to access the material remotely.

If this is feasible, I'll do some more research but if it's likely to be a non-starter, I won't waste my time.

Finally, I saw an article a while ago about using Netcat as a form of "man in the middle" to collect print jobs before forwarding them to the printer but I know just how easily AV products pick up Netcat (or one of it's variants).

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Here is a direct link to Irongeeks, how to hack printers


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