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2100 With Jaseger No Internet

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i just did thees tuts to my fon 2100 router "Step-By-Step Unlocking / Install guide (with pictures)" "Step By Step Open Mesh Jasager V2" it all seemed to work very good on the jasager interface when i go to a site like youtube google ect... the page dose now load any ideas?

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ok fixed. i had to of my adapters connected to the same src my stock wifi adapter and my alfa wifi adapter... another problem the clients are not showing up on the page. i had 3 computers connected and able to go to and none of them showed on the list...



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I have a same problem, I followed your guide and DigiNinja mind map (a.k.a pdf how to setup ICS on linux)

fon ip :

MITM (BT4 r2) eth0:

victim ip:

on a victim PC i have gateway ip)

ping - win (obviously)

ping - win " "

ping - FAIL!

where did I Screwd up?


config interface loopback
        option ifname   lo
        option proto    static
        option ipaddr
        option netmask

config interface lan
        option ifname   eth0
        option type     bridge
        option proto    static
        option ipaddr
        option netmask


config dnsmasq
        option domainneeded     1
        option boguspriv        1
        option filterwin2k      '0'  #enable for dial on demand
        option localise_queries 1
        option local    '/lan/'
        option domain   'lan'
        option expandhosts      1
        option nonegcache       0
        option authoritative    1
        option readethers       1
        option leasefile        '/tmp/dhcp.leases'
        option resolvfile       '/tmp/resolv.conf.auto'
        list 'dhcp_option' '3,'
        list 'dhcp_option' '6,'

config dhcp lan
        option interface        lan
        option start    100
        option limit    150
        option leasetime        12h

config dhcp wan
        option interface        wan
        option ignore   1

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