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Asus Motherboard Box = Case


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or that case served as an inspiration for Darren to build his own.

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I am sure some on of my old mobo used to do this but instead of having a hole for the metal back plane they already had the ports cut out.

Maybe some one else can back me up on this

Possible boards+boxes


epox nforce2

MSI KT7 Ultra

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I would say making cases out of boxes is not exactly original, in either Darren or Asus's case. I've seen cases made out of just about anything from boxes, legos, fish tanks, furniture (think steam punk), to just a bunch of stuff laying on a table connected together (my old work's lab had all kinds of open hardware laying around and running 24/7, with servers shoved into cubicles and such). Using boxes they ship in has probably been around longer than Darren and Asus doing it and Asus probably had that packaging design in the works long before the Hak5 episode aired.

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