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Portable Cygwin


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* Cygwin 400 megs 22K files ..

* Cameyo packaged 121 megs Portable Cygwin

http://db.tt/qp2nKi5 Run the EXE and wait a while if you still have errors wait close and reopen contains ruby/perl/make/c++/automake/screen/vim etc...

* tested win7 32bit

also included NMAP and NESSUS xml parse scripts ;)

Why do you ask ?? because syncing 22K+ files is less IO when you can sync 107 files instead 22K .. ( great for dropbox or USB setups )

* this is all free/legal software! possible some GPL rules are broken here but Cameyo and Cygwin are free applications this is not warez!

use junction.exe for dropbox sync .. I think you can aim dropbox at any folder now days but if need be use junction

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