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Prank Scripts ?


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post some fun scripts up if you guys have any :)

im ready for the flames ... i have a fire engine here tho lololol ;)

copy below into a file.vbs and add it to the victims program group then power down their pc and turn the speakers up#

set ObjVoice = CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice") 
ObjVoice.Speak "Computer says you've been hacked"
ObjVoice.Speak "Your virus database has been deleted."
ObjVoice.Speak "I am reading your emails"
ObjVoice.Speak "I am corrupting your files"
ObjVoice.Speak "I am damaging your hardware"
ObjVoice.Speak "Im also buying stuff on eebay with your credit card."
ObjVoice.Speak "Your mum says high"
ObjVoice.Speak "I will not see you soon"
ObjVoice.Speak "Have a nice day buddy pal"

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Guest Deleted_Account

Some awesome linux Shell scripts that make it look like you are hacking ;)


I have managed to get them running under Cygwin too but the run best under Ubuntu 10.10. They basically make it look like hollywood style hacking but it is pretty cool looking. I left 3 monitors running this and than another one with a fake Cell phone/IP tracking program I wrote in VB while recording a movie. it really looks CIA like :P

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Its more fun to just take a snapshot of the desktop, set it as wallpaper, and disable icon view. Then make all the shortcuts in the taskbar and start menu open pictures of goatse.

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