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Hak Shop Shot Glasses?


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Yeah I missed them too. I would totally buy some to add to my collection of beer and shot glasses. Also ones that are laser etched would look bad ass.

What about a Hak5 beer glass that has the hak5 logo etched on the bottom of the glass, kinda like the Sam Adams glass.

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Mind showing a pic of it? I'm not a design kind of person and would kind of like to see what they did. Otherwise I will just laser etch the Hak5 logo on the shotglass.


edit: Sorry about the picture above i didn't know it would be THAT BIG.

Flickr links below

one part

Second part

It was too small to get all the text in one picture.

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That's cool. Yeah i think laser etching it would be pretty slick. Unfortunately we had water damage and their laser cutter has a puddle of water in it currently. So it may be a while until it's fixed. Stupid leaking roof also broke some of the electronic projector screens and other devices. Arg...

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