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Pineapple Issue- Not Working

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I ordered my Pineapple from Hak5 in December and I have finally managed to find some extra time to set it up and get it working. I sat down to get it working today and I am having some major issues. I tried to ssh into it, didn't work. I tried to telnet, it didn't work. I changed its ip address to assure it isn't conflicting with anything else on my network, didn't solve the problem. Lastly, I decided to use the browser to get into the router configuration and I couldn't. I have tried this on multiple different IP's as well and kept getting the same thing. I am including a screen shot of what I get when I try using the web browser, from my understanding should take me to the router configuration. My only thought is that maybe the installation process wasn't finished. I do not want to put blame on anyone what so ever. It is, hopefully, user error on my part but my friend bought a Pineapple from Hak5 as well, his worked and he has been helping me troubleshoot the issue. Neither one of us can figure it out. My hope is someone can help me. Thank you in advanced for any assistance. The screen shot is included with my post.

Also, on a side note. Is there a way to reset the Pineapples password without re-flashing it. Friend forgot his password, insert face palm here. lol



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That screenshot is of Apache running on your Ubuntu machine, not Jasager, I guess that this means that the IP address of your machine is which will conflict with that of the Fon. Change your IP to something else on that subnet and try again.

And if you couldn't get to it with ssh, telnet or web interface how did you change its IP address?

And yes you can reset the password by using a serial cable and connecting in to it with that.

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Thank you Digininja! Just as I suspected it was user error. I forgot I had installed apache server like 6 months ago on my laptop. I appreciate the help. I'm certainly in need of a face palm.

On the side of the password reset. When you say serial cable do you mean serial -> ethernet?

Thanks again Digi, you are a life saver!

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