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Need Help Finding A Information On A Previous Show


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I was doing research because I want to make my own arcade tabletop machine. Well hak5 thanks to youtube created one and somewhere on this forum is the plans and everything I need to make it. I don't want to copy but the hardware is the most important thing and I've got a ton of older hardware that really isn't being used and this would work almost perfect. Can someone help me find the posting I'm looking for? Here is the youtube video so you have exactly what I am looking for:

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you could try to go to hak5.org and try out the wiki;

it's down now, but on it there are show-notes for the episode; it's season 1 episode 5;

here's a link to the episode : http://www.hak5.org/episodes/hak5-episode-5-released

other than that I think you could try to get hold of Wes to try to explain more stuff to you

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