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Does anyone know of some software that lets you view other people's computer from yours on the network, providing that they install this software also? It needs to be compatible with BOTH linux and windows. It would be best if it were open source, or just freeware. Some software I have found would be NetSupport but you have to buy that and I need free. If anyone knows please post. Thanks

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There are lots of flavours about, alot open-source and cross platform for client and server. Google around.

Hak5 have done some segments on securing VNC connections as well with SSH tunneling.

Some that excist are TightVNC, RealVNC as well as many others.

I don't really use one so can't recommend any in particular.

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My recommendation is Remote Administrator from radmin.com

It does cost, but its got a small network footprint and works great.

Ive been using it for at least 5 years and am loving it. Down side is it's for windows only.

However if you are looking for free multi-platform i'd have to suggest ultraVNC or tightVNC.

For Mac OS, they have a VNC server built in, you just have to enable it in the sharing preferences.


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ok well i dont think/i cant find ultravnc for linux, so i will have to use TightVNC, so wish me luck on installing it, cuz i totally suck at installing software on linux, rarely can i get it to work, even after hours of googling :)

Its a source only instalation, unless you linux distro has a premade package for VNC you'll need to compile it. I've looked at tightVNC, and that has RPM (redhat, CentOS) packages and source only releases. So again, if your using linux you'll most likely need to install from source whatever your using.


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yes i know i will have to install from source, i tried that with tightvnc but i have no clue what i am doing, everything in teh documentation didnt work, i also used alien to convert the rpm to deb and then i was able to install it but i got a bunch of errors when i ran vncserver, so i guess i will nto be making the switch to linux on my main pc for a while

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ubuntu has one built in... :-)

where do you get stuck in particular? might be able to work it out from there.

if your just wanting some kinda remote admin, have you looked at webmin or plain old SSH? I tried using gui's on headless remote *nix boxes but tbh with you, i just SSH in now, much faster.

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whats the one built into ubuntu, at the documentation at tightvnc.com (http://www.tightvnc.com/doc/unix/README.txt) I get stuck at the beginning, with the command xmkmf, i get this error:

imake -DUseInstalled -I/etc/X11/config/cf

sh: gcc: command not found


never mind, i found it, and i got my windows machine to connect to it, thanks!

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Should help you set it up, basically its the top menu bar thingy, system -> preferences -> remote desktop. You'll need to setup static IP's etc but it should work ok for you.

Looking at the tightVNC read me... i don't have a clue what it means either, i'm using freeBSD atm and software installs seem to be a case of "make install clean" or "pkg_add -r XXX", then "rehash", and it works.

edit: cool! no worries mate

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