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Netbook For Coding


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Dear forum,

I was thinking about getting a new netbook for Java/C# coding, was aiming towards netbooks and not laptops due to the fact that i need to carry around this device with me all day long and the current laptop (15inch) I have is killing me, also need something with decent battery life (4-5hrs at least) . I've been looking around on the internet for decently specced netbooks and the Asus 1215n caught my eye. Any opinions (pros/cons) on this product ,or maybe suggestions on different netbooks/devices ? I've also seen the alienware m11xR2 but that's a bit too expensive for my liking atm.

Thanks in advance,


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Well netbooks have smaller keyboards, so you definitely have to try it before buying, since typos is something you really dont want.

I have Dell latitude D420, which is 13" Its old laptop, but it works well.

You may find used dells cheaper that those netbooks.

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I own a HP Mini 110, its a great netbook for surfing the net and reading emails, but tends to perform poorly if used for hardcore tasks.

Furthermore the keyboard keys are very small and takes a while to get used to the size. Screen size is OK but a bit small, but you can get away with it.

In addition you might want to check out those Asus EEPC netbooks, they have a 3 to 4 hours battery life and runs quite smoothly as well.

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