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My First Real Case Mod


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So I made my first real PC case mod, so I thought I'd show it to you all! I took a PowerMac G3 tower, and modified it to fit something a bit more powerful than what was originally in there.

Pics are here, please tell me what you think, and what I can do to make it even better!


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Sorry, I don't have a FaceBook account. Is there another way that you could make the pictures available?

Thank you.

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wow niiiiiiiiiiiiice :)

lights n everything woot +1

sweet mod dude ...

here's one i did last week ...

that looks quite nice, very professionally done. Ive been thinking of putting a 4-5" lcd screen in the case and use it to show information about temperatures, fan speeds, wattage, etc.

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very nice work dude, what did Apple say about your Mod?

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not sure yet... I normally take a trip to the apple store every week or so, talking tech and stuff with some of the geniuses, in effort to get my foot in the door for a job position. I should bring it next time I go.

the geniuses around here know nothing i asked them if i could just put windows 7 on my macbook pro and they where like no you use parallel so i was like bam whiped out my MBP and booted it up and went into windows 7 nothing to do with mac osx anymore.

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@eovnu yeah thats what im planning to do when i get an audrino ... i suppose you could run it from another graphics card & it would def look pretty

hmmmmm ?? i have some spare graphics cards and a small lcd screen :)

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