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Video: Hacking Microsoft Kinect And A Roomba


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Video: Hacking Microsoft Kinect and a Roomba


As soon as the Microsoft Kinect came out last year, programmers and hackers pounced on it in the hope of using it for anything but its intended use as a wireless addition for the Microsoft Xbox that uses a person’s movement as a game controller.

My colleague Jenna Wortham chronicled a number of these “hacks” last year, and since then new integrations pop up online on a regular basis. The sport of hacking the Kinect has become so popular that there are Web sites dedicated to chronicling new use cases.

On Wednesday, I came across this video, in which a Japanese programmer who goes by the name Ogutti online, integrated the Kinect and a Roomba vacuum cleaner to create the “future vacuum.” For this hack, the vacuum can be pointed in any particular direction with just a slight movement of the hand, rather than having to use a remote control. Is it the vacuum cleaner of the future? What do you think?

Source: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/02/16/video-hacking-microsoft-kinect-and-a-roomba/?ref=technology

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Its a neat experiment and I think a great stepping stone for control of every day devices. Its also kind of odd though, to make controls for a device that was meant to be an autonomous robot who already controls itself to do the job of vacuuming without the need of a human.

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