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You know WMP can stream directly to PS3 right? lol

no i didnt dude but i HATE WMP bloated piece of codecless $%&£

ps3server is free, opensource & very configurable :D win!

i used to rotate my bgs but uninstalled it to keep things tidy ... powertoy?

+good to see chrome on your screen ;) im hooked the sync is too handy not to use :)

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Can't upload any of my desktop pictures, I am getting an error saying that the "file is too big to upload". Does anyone know how to increase the size?

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yeh like tinypic ;)

... have linux on my bedroom pc ill upload a pic l8r ... running freenas on my other box and have 4 machines in bits lol

Yeah, you are right I should do that, built a virtual web server.

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Hak5 only gives you a small amount of storage. Each time you use the uploader, you eat into your quota, which is why I host most everything from my own websites.

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Two questions:

-Which theme are you using?

-Which productivity app is powering the widget in the center of your home screen?

Android FTW!

hell ya, Android ftw jmac! :)

it's my Droid X running the Liberty 1.5 ROM, w/ Gala color theme (only part of that theme shown is on the notification bar tho)

The setup in my screenshot is the Scrambble Icon set (here) - w/ LPP & custom icons for the dock of course(can't remember the name of those icons).

Now, the todo list took hours of tweaking to get it the way I liked it. The widget itself that has all the tweaking options is called Agenda Widget. I use the tasks part of that widget which uses Astrid Task/Todo List to sync with my Google Tasks in gmail.

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