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Hi salut.gif i found a good HTML Application HTA dealing with BBCode named Dingue_BBCode_Editor.0.5 by the Author : FredleDingue it is an Off line forum message editor.

So i have this idea to combine my script for Sending E-mail in HTML mode with Attachements with this BBCode Editor.

The Main Features: Off line forum message editor - BBCode Editor:

-Extra large input box

-Real time preview (updated every 2 seconds)

-Error highlighting

-Shows message lenght

-Undo/Redo until 40 steps

-Auto insert links from clipboard

-Auto insert default text into url tag

-Auto paste clipboard in quote or code

-Auto back up to temporary file

-Save to message history

-Save to separate file

-Copy to clipboard

-Works offline (no internet connection needed)

Description of this Update :

The Main features are kept like in the description above and i updated and i added a few lines in this script like the possibility of adding 5 Attachements in one message, and the possibility to choose which of 2 methods for sending the E-mail message

The First Method : with SSL SMTP Gmail Authentication Procedure


The Second Method : Without Authentication and with your SMTP Server


This a preview when i used it for editing this post:


NB: This program is tested under windows xp sp3 and works very well.

So i just want that someone of you test and try me this soft and tell me if it works under Windows vista or Seven

Thank you for your Testing merci.png

The Download link here

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