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Need Assistance. Metasploit/armitage


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Yup totally forgot about doing things the long way. XD also to the comment on 7zip. it is absolutely better, but i hate the way it looks lol. terrible reason i know.

Next issue. I got this message before, thinking it would be fixed when amitage's unpacking went smoothly

Is it supposed to start with a -y parameter?


>>press Start msf


then this


then it proceeds to tell me

unable to connect to database, make sure it's running.

ok, database settings are NOT being entered automatically correctly. the password was WAY wrong

changed it myself.. getting authentication error and waiting for the loading bar. I assume its retrying.

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You need to have a database software to use it. Mysql is the most common. If the error says it doesn't know what -y is, probably shouldn't have it.

I use Linux for such tools so all I can suggest is view the armitage site and read the install notes and such.


Link to Video Windows Install from the site:

Link to manual: http://www.fastandeasyhacking.com/manual

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Leave the big has for the password. The only password that needs to work for your database is the bottom line. And it will say authentication error or some error when starting, just let it go. But make sure your database username and pass is correct in the last line, leave the big hash alone.

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It always gets the IO error at first. So long as the database is running first, Java is installed correctly, and the creds are correct, you just click "Start MSF". Dont click connect unless you are using a remote connection or multiple sessions. The IO error will go away and MSF will start fairly quickly if everything is set properly. Armitage is a little buggy, but far easier to use than having to remember all the command line fu. I for one was able to figure out Armitage pretty easily, and I've only ever used Metasploit a few times, mainly because I never knew what the hell I was doing in the console. I think in some ways Armitage helps the learning process, and at some point, I will probably tackle MSF without it, but for now, its just more intuitive, if not scriptkiddy in ease of use. Still, MSF is a seriously powerful tool for testing your network and machines, and in the right hands, used for good.

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Thank you for your incredible patients. But what the hell did I do now. I gotta tell ya.. This is giving me more problems than anything I have ever used XD


I get that authentication error, it went all the way to the end and just closed.

Also is Mysql the right driver for xmlrpc?

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Yes looks Very easy and simple. sadly it just isnt Its not starting/connecting to a database.

I press start msf >> after a loading screen it says "[*] Using database driver postgresql" >> Then it says "unable to connect to database. make sure it is running"

Now.. I thought this STARTS the database. maybe I am wrong. which is why I did the load xmlrpc it says to do in the written guide on the site, but that didnt work either.

So.. wtf lol

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Pretty sure that is EXACTLY what i downloaded lol. I didn't know there was a different download for windows. But, ill try it.

H/o while I try it lol

... 2 mins later

Ya this is exactly what I have there it is, armitage.bat inside.

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