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If you are good at C++, you may love Mono on Unbuntu. Python is also big on Ubuntu. Lots of good free books out there. Too many potential legal hassels with qt and Mono for me.

I really don't know python too well but I am fairly good with java and C++. I'm really looking for books on bash and other ways to mess around with Ubuntu. Also I was reading about Blackbuntu and was wondering if that is a better learning distro of linux.

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When someone tells me about tweaking a Linux Distro/OS I always think about Gentoo, which is the mother of tweaking Linux.

You may try to recompile your kernel with special compiler flags that enable the kernel to use special (and specific) features of the machine you're running it on. By default most distros don't make use of this because they try to cover as many architectures as possible, but even so, Linux is still faster than Windows when it comes to a lot of tasks.

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