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Greetings, I am searching for specific rare mp3...


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It's rnb, the lyrics go like this


UH! This is dedicated to all the hackers and the crackers.

You know what i'm sayin'.

If you hear this, want you to.. bump this and do your dirt dog, do your


You can fill a stadium with cats using shit cracked by Radium.

Liquid Sky will never die.

Before the crackers and the hackers, life was wacker.

Software we could never stack for.

We were floored by the evil hoards .

All the best shit we could never afford.

The internet and mp3, they set us free.

Im downloading windows and ME right now off FTP.

You bitches will never find me!

Because im everywhere, see.

Yo dog, you got something new?

Hit me off on ICQ.

I'll help you back in jive.

I got some top-notch shit on i-drive.

You shut one site down, we multiply.

Like a phoenix from a different place we rise.

Then you got the squares;

"Yo dude, your stealing, don.t you care?"

L-O-L, bitch. I got a terabyte of warez.

I like my files zip, sit, or rar.

I download seven hundred segments from a thousand sites.

I drink coffee, snort speed; I'll stay up all night.

I'll hack a companies site, and blank it white.

Ghost ISP's; Find me, please..

Dedicated to the hackers and the crackers.

This is dedicated to the hackers and the crackers.

The ones that set us free.

Thanks G for setting us free.

This is dedicated to the hackers and the crackers.

I see in binary, I speak source code.

Step on my toes, I'll post a million jpg's.

If you in a fag pose.

And your digital stance getting firewalled hoe.

Cause im ridin' the net and my six four(old school car sixty four is the


I was a dick with my 56(K).

Now with my cable.I.m able to get that stable.

On the out my name is Ace and I.m a Leo.

On the digital highway, my name is Neo and im a hero.

In a flash I'll school you on burning dreamcasts.

You need some ISO's?

Let me through my hard drive rifle.

Our exchange, you could never stifle.

With a digital hug, you just caught the lovebug.

I've bootlegged your cd.

I caused the fight between UN and Jay Z.

You see G?

It's all gonna be free.

Whether we take it with force or we take it nicely.

You feel that rattle in you bones?

When I tell you we just hacked DOW Jones?

And NASDAQ leaves you fighting on your back?

Cause im the he who loves to hack and crack.

Cause im the he who loves to hack and crack.

This is dedicated to the hackers and the crackers.

Serial codes, source codes, ISO's, rar's, zip's, sit's.

This is dedicated to the hackers and the crackers.

Your encryption is primitive egyptian.

I'll do more with a 486 and a Plextor.

We've won when six billion got Athlons.

And we tell each other how to get it on.

Cyber-army's and the pentagon were storming.

I just found out who killed JFK.

The smoking gun will have it within a day.

All the lies they've been faster.

Go check the name "truth" on Napster.


The pricks will never find me in this matrix.

A million keyboard voices all named Morpheus.

This is dedicated to those who set me free.

Got a buzz? Your always my cuz.

Radium, if i could only say to them; Thanks.

Kalisto, you know!

Utopia, and all my digital dogs.

My netgangs, my cybergangsters, my I/O-warriors, my computercomrades.

This is for you, this is dedicated to the hackers and the crackers.

I would'nt be able to do shit without ya'll man.

I'll be sittin in front of my fucking computer doing a goddamn thing,

playing games.

You have all made it possible. this is dedicated to you


I only have a 2 min partial of this file... have any of you got this file on a server?

Many thanks dudes,


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hack tv and a couple others. I think it was on broken floppy at one point. Dont watch Broken Floppy. Its painfull

haha i know what you mean, i've watched them :roll: i think painfull is an understatment... i think it was on there (or hack.tv) that they had some kid showing you how to paint your case! hahahahah... made me chuckle.. those guys look about 12, and they done look comfortable in front of the camera. thebroken was pretty good but they havent released anything in yages...

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I think some people here need to be a bit nicer to the newcomer (Sparda). 8) I've been a member of NewOrder for almost 6 years and we treat people a 'little' :wink: nicer there. Just because I havent been here before; dont asume that i know shit and make statements to me about google. i wasnt asking to find it, i was asking if it was on one of your servers. thanks goes to metatron, for constructive post! well we'll soon see anyway.. bouncing it through a few proxies just to be sure, even then im not even on my own network 8) can never be too safe :P

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What did I do? I just said google... and it wasn't apparent to me that you had tried it as I found an mp3 of the song in under five minuets using google.

No worries dude, it was all light hearted! Nice site btw! :wink: and yea... sorry we (at NewOrder) do say "google it" a lot too!!! :D we have a lot of people who are "one post wonders" .. but i think i shall be back here... again nice site (both your one and this hak5). i only asked as i had heard the song, and i had no idea who it was by just the lyrics.. i found on google a couple of links to it but they were all dead ones. Have got more than i asked for now with this class war album! see it was worth me coming here


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The manner of people on these forums was raised in another topic recently-I myself as a newcomer feel fine in this community. I tend to find that thinking before posting works wonders, no matter the board one might be on. Not saying this for anyone, just in general. If you comb your post for something someone could take offence to etc. then it's time to reword that post! I managed to post an answer to a topic in a completely different one and was politely informed of this soon after-I was sure I'd posted twice but only seen the resulting post once, so it lent a hand to my sanity!

But yes, seems like most/all people here are nice enough.

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I totally agree, I just feel that if you have posted a topic which some one percieves as stupid or off-topic the best thing to do is just not reply to that thread. I don't understand why people feel a need to reply; when the reply is not constructive.

Yes people here do seem pretty nice, as I said before I've been a member of NewOrder for last 6 years, and you do find a lot of them there are '1337'ist big heads. :roll: When the simple matter is that I.T. is such a big genre it is absolutly impossible for anyone to know everything about everything. People are generally specialized to their own chosen field. I feel if we can get on a little better together and maybe tolerate the sometimes (what seems ) stupid questions, (im sure we've all asked them at some point) that we might infact learn something new from each other.


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Okay we get that you were a member of Neworder for 6 years and I have a question about it, did they have edit buttons? There is no reason for a quadruple post.

And it is a stupid topic. How can't you find a song when you have the lyrics?

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