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What Grinds Your Gears ?


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i hate it when you cant find something and dont know if you've just misplaced it or some thieving git has nicked it

I have a similar experience, almost every single day. I'll be working on something, put it down to pick up a different tool, and about minute later I'll go to pick up the first thing, and I can't find it. Then I go nuts looking for it, and its sitting on the workbench right in front of me.

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people who say:

"NIC card"

"RAM memory"

referring to their computer tower/workstation as "CPU"

people who think their web browser is "the internet"

& yes, that does get nit picky but drives me nuts. bite my tongue not correcting people with that stuff

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Companies that try and screw you over

Sony's case against GeoHotz

The fact that jailbreaking a cellphone is okay, but ohhh, jailbreaking a PS3 is totally out of the question!!!



Overly high punishments to regular people who may have gotten 1 or 2 songs off of limewire (the RIAA charges thousands of dollars per song!!! and the funds don't even go to the artists!!!)




Thats it for now :)

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