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I'd Pay Anyone Who Could Implement This


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Hey Guys,

I'm a postgrad researcher student in a cyber security program! Lately, I've been researching different approaches in order to defend (work around ) the DDoS attacks.In a recent paper that I've read, MICHAEL WALFISH and some of his colleagues present a counter-intuitive strategy for defending against a denial-of-service attack: they propose that a server ask all its clients to increase their messages to the server. Most likely, attackers among the clients are already transmitting at their local full capacity, and so are unable to do this, which means that messages from attackers will form a decreasing proportion of all messages received by the server.

Now after reading Walfish paper, I'm having this interest to test Speak Up Approach myself trying to fully understand how to it functions and trying to take and improve the idea or the concept behind this technique ! and since I'm more of a researcher than a coder, I'd value the help of anyone who's able to design and implement a prototype for the SPEAK-UP defense by offense system.

so if anyone of you guys see in their-selves that they are qualified to do it, please post here or e-mail me and i'll be willing to discuss the price for the design and coding for this prototype system !

for more information about the Walfish paper and more information about how is it implemented please read this:


I'm looking forward to hear from you guys !


Pardon my poor English, since English isn't my first Language ......i'm originally from Russia !


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I will have to read up on the method, but from your description of it it does seem to be either only useful for specific applications or a waste of time.

From skimming the paper I can see that the method requires that your server has enough bandwidth to the internet to cover the application DDOS as well as the increase in traffic from legit clients when they are asked to speak-up (Condition C2). This would suggest that the problem was with the power of the server to cope with the requests, I don't see how making your server deal with more pointless requests from legit clients as well as bots would make your server suddenly capable of dealing with the requests. (Note: I call the extra requests from the legit clients pointless as if they weren't pointless the clients would have been making them before regardless of being asked to speak-up or not.)

A far better solution would be rather than putting you servers under extra strain by making you legit clients talk more, just increase the power/performance of your server set-up. Perhaps look at clustering and load balancing.

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Yeah I was thinking of the same idea, but have a powerful enough server perhaps on a cluster mode that can help distribute the load evenly. In addition have a load balancer and multiple internet links. That's one way to minimize the effects of DDOS attacks and maintain the site online.

However I am not sure if this possible but the servers could be configured in such a way that, it could partly stop receiving connections if it senses that its receiving too many inbound connections from the same host.

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