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Proxmox - Windows Installation


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Good day,

I was wondering if someone could lend a hand.

I am a new user to ProxMox, I have been runing a Ubuntu:Virtualboxhpvirtalbox for over a year and have loved it. People have recently been coming to me telling me about proxmox as well as seeing it on hak5.

I decided to make the switch last week.

I wiped my machine and did a fresh install from CD

Hardware is: MSI board with i5 2.8's and 8gb's a memory

Right off the bat i had an issue with the install using v1.7 but found some information on your site about using the v1.4 and upgrading this went off with out a hitch.

First thing i noticed was (my home enviroment is a mix but more macs than others)

It seemed current versions of Firefox and chrome were not working with the web console

however the current version of safari does work but open screen size is two small. Made a small change to 800x600 in proxmox and worked fine. After a bit more testing i found that the beta version of firefox works fine as well v4 b10.

I installed a few debian / ubuntu installs fine with out a hitch

Ok so the main issue i have is with windows machines.

Now let me start by saying i own a few versions of windows and i do use some activation hacked one as well. the activation hacked ones are just for testing purposes no real services or anything running from them, Just like to run a few with different version for various development testing.

I have read on the forums someone stated that these activation hacked cd's mess with the MBR and for some reason Proxmox does not like this. This worked fine on my old VM configuration.

Is there anyway around this currently i am stuck and a bit frustrated and disappointed currently with proxmox as i have been hearing how simple things were. I guess i am the odd one out.

Please any help or insight would be greatly welcomed as i am thinking of reverting back to my old configuration.


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I can remember Darren saying something about windows machines with proxmox in one of the episodes I believe this one.

Can't remember why but I believe it has something to do with KVM vs OpenVZ.

I think if you review this episode I think Episode 820 you will find the answer


Yes I watched it he was refering to the need to install Windows under a KVM container and pointed out the use of visia network drivers

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Use legit software and avoid the problem?


You could also try reinstalling. Might be a corrupt install. I don't care if you use pirated software, thats up to you and your own responsibility, but use legit software if you know the cracked stuff is causing the problem.

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