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OMG WTF GAH (My noobish topic name)


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Ok, well about a month or two ago me and sparda deleted a myspace and ex made for me. Well she made me a new one so I've been going on it an not doing much to it, since Myspace is (was?) stupid and gay(gay not to be offensive to anyone). So today I got bored and search Darren Kitchen, I knew he had a myspace because of an earlier topic that he admitted to it, saying he never used it. Well he logged on last at 8/7/06. Also he has 50 friends and the Hak5 group has about a 80 memebers, When did you all start to use myspace is what I'm really wondering, and Why?

Sparda I would like your input on this because your one of the main reasons I'm making this topic

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i hate that it's always down - but gotta admit as an SEO guy myspace is very useful for webdev's, mostly just another tool.

And also gotta admit it is cool to catch up with all my highschool buddies that i've not seen in years across them ther' wires. :)

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catching up with old friends is cool but when you hear a middle schooler say "OMG did you see my new pics on myspace?" it makes me want to punch them, or seeing like a gajillion pictures that are "abstract" even though they just got into their trial version of PS and messed with hues and saturations...

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