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Hi, and thanks for looking at my post! I am a long time viewer and first time poster so please forgive any errors.

I am trying to learn Lua and a little MySQL at the same time. I am attempting to setup a local perp2 server for myself. (perp2 is a game mode for Garrys Mod) Also I would like to state that i rather not just be given the answer but more of a push in the right direction as to what the issue is so I can fix it myself (Sounds strange but I am trying to learn :) )

So here is the problem:

When I disconnect from the server, the player data does not get saved into the MySQL database. I know the database is working correctly and that the server can add new entries.

When I first join the server and register the console spams me with this message until I disconnect:

Loading TriConIck's SMF ID... //When I first join the server the server spits this out
Loading TriConIck's SMF ID... //Right after i register my account for the server, this is what happens.... 
Loading TriConIck...
Starting var transfer to TriConIck...
Loading TriConIck...
Loading TriConIck...
Loading TriConIck...
Loading TriConIck... // I get spamed this message until I disconnect

Than once I disconnect the server gives me this error:

Refused to save TriConIck.
Dropped TriConIck from server (Disconnect by user.)
[@garrysmod\gamemodes\perp2\gamemode\sv_networking.lua:72] Tried to use a NULL entity!

This is the code block that seems to be spamming my console:

function GM.LoadPlayerProfile ( Player )
	if (Player.AlreadyLoaded) then return false; end

	Msg("Loading " .. Player:Nick() .. "...\n");

	if (!Player.StartedSendingVars) then
		Player.StartedSendingVars = true;

		Msg("Starting var transfer to " .. Player:Nick() .. "...\n");
		local curNum = 5;
		for _, p in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
			if (p != Player && p.StringRedun) then
				for k, v in pairs(p.StringRedun) do
					curNum = curNum + .2;

					timer.Simple(curNum, function ( )
						if (Player && IsValid(Player)) then
							if (!p || !IsValid(p) || !p.StringRedun[k]) then
								umsg.Start("perp_umsg_f", Player);
								Player:SendUMsgVar("perp_ums", Player, p, k, v.value, true);

		umsg.Start("perp_expect", Player);
			umsg.Short((curNum - 5) * 5);

This is the code block responsible for the saving of the player data:

tmysql.query("SELECT `id`, `rp_name_first`, `rp_name_last`, `time_played`, `cash`, `model`, `items`, `skills`, `genes`, `formulas`, `organization`, `bank`, `vehicles`, `blacklists`, `ringtone`, `ammo_pistol`, `ammo_rifle`, `ammo_shotgun` FROM `perp_users` WHERE `id`='" .. Player.SMFID .. "'", function ( )
		if (!PlayerInfo || !PlayerInfo[1]) then
			tmysql.query("INSERT INTO `perp_users` (`id`, `uid`, `steamid`, `rp_name_first`, `rp_name_last`, `genes`, `cash`) VALUES ('" .. Player.SMFID .. "', '" .. Player:UniqueID() .. "', '" .. Player:SteamID() .. "', 'John', 'Doe', '5', '500')", function ( )
				Player.CanSetupPlayer = true;

		if (PlayerInfo[1][2] == "John" && PlayerInfo[1][3] == "Doe") then Player.CanSetupPlayer = true; end

		if (Player.CanSetupPlayer) then
			Msg("Allowing " .. Player:Nick() .. " to setup new player...\n");
			umsg.Start("perp_newchar", Player);

Thank you for reading my long post, I appreciate any help that can be given, but if you could, please just give me a helping hand and not just the answer.


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